June 19th, 2019

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Village of Cache Creek, BC

Welcome to Cache CreekCache Creek is a bustling community of 1,100, located in the South Central Interior region of the province of British Columbia. Cache Creek is a founding partner of "Gold Country", an alliance of the communities of Ashcroft, Clinton, Lillooet, Lytton, Spences Bridge and Savona. These communities welcome you to experience the history of "The Gold Rush Trail".

Cache Creek is rich in historic lore, dating back to the days when wagon trains and prospectors followed the trail to the Cariboo Gold Fields in the 1800's. As the midway point between BC's lower mainland and Cariboo Country, Cache Creek has been an important natural overnight oasis for travelers since the mid-1800s.

Cache Creek ViewCache Creek is a strong community, strategically located at the junction of two major highways. Its economic base lies in tourism, forestry and waste management. There is a good business environment in the community that supports new industry. The opportunities for investment are endless and land is readily available.

The downtown core has been the object of a revitalization effort over the past several years. The "Back to the Fifties" automotive transportation theme is fitting as main street consists of two major highways. The streets are lined with neon signs and flowers and a few businesses and residents around town own antique vehicles that they display. The pinnacle event of the theme is 'Graffiti Days' when everyone drives and displays their vintage cars. The Nl'ak'apxm Eagle Motorplex honors the celebration by featuring drag races and hosting a dance. The theme and celebration portrays the type of warm, friendly atmosphere present in the community.

Cache Creek's mild climate, relaxing lifestyle and low cost of living is well suited for seniors and young working families. The community offers a safe and peaceful lifestyle that includes all the amenities of a sustainable community including education, health care and recreational opportunities. Health care is provided by a general hospital and medical centre located in Ashcroft. Emergency services include a fire department, R.C.M.P. detachment and ambulance service, all accessed through 9-1-1. Education is available from kindergarten through grade 12 and post-secondary opportunities are available. Recreational opportunities abound in the area with up to date facilities and a wilderness backcountry. The current infrastructure, which includes modern sewage and water systems, is capable of serving a growing population. Business services include financial, legal and realty offices, a grocery store and over 190 other businesses.

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Cache Creek Community Profile

Village of Cache Creek Community Profile

Venture Kamloops has produced community profiles for all communities in the Thompson Nicola Regional District. The community profile provides statistical information on each community. Feel free to dowload the Cache Creek Community Profile here.(754 kb).

Cache Creek Community Facts

Quick Facts on the Village of Cache Creek (produced by BC Stats)

Municipal Contact:

The Village of Cache Creek

John Ranta - Mayor
Martin Dalsin - Administrator
P.O. Box 7
Cache Creek, B.C.
V0K 1H0
Tel: (250) 457-6237
Fax: (250) 457-9192